Monday, December 31, 2007

Silence of the Lambs in 5 seconds

I need to rub in the fact that I am the matriarch.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


So, after confusion about the pregnancy of one of the t.A.T.u. girls, I went to wikipedia to do some research. Guess what I found out? The band was created for all the perverts who like underage pornography. Seriously.

Ivan Shapovalov and his friend/business partner Alexander Voitinskyi developed plans to create a musical project in Russia. Many stories have been told about Shapovalov's purpose of creating the group, and he admitted to the UK's The Sun in February 2003,
"I saw that most people look up pornography on the Internet and of those, most are looking for underage sex. I saw their needs weren't fulfilled. Later, it turned out, I was right. This is the same as my own desires. I prefer underage girls.”
With this idea in mind, Shapovalov and Voitinskyi organized auditions at Mosfilm studios, Moscow in late 1999 for teenage female vocalists.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

He is the cheese to my macaroni

Juno is absolutely wonderful. I now dare you to not get obsessed with the heartbreakingly cute paste and glue sentiment soundtrack (which includes tracks from Belle & Sebastian, Cat Power, The Kinks, The Velvet Underground, and lots of Kimya Dawson).

(via z-share)
>>> "Tire Swing" - Kimya Dawson
>>> "Vampire" - Antsy Pants (which equals Kimya Dawson plus little kids)
>>> "All I Want Is You" - Barry Louis Polisar

PS: The track stars and their "pork swords"? Should have had a starring role.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm gonna love you tender

And Caitlin's newest mammalian obsession goes to..... Jerboas!!! Basically the picachu of the real world, jerboas are tiny marsupials with gigantic ears (hello, disproportional cuteness!) that literally hop around on skinny little legs. They also have a soops long tail with a nice little pompom on the end.

They're kind of asking to be overbred and sold to cuteness fanatics such as myself.

Now.. time to watch a video of a jerboa hopping right here.

all I want for christmas

Thursday, December 13, 2007

we'll keep our veins tangled, like a pair of mic cables

So, there's a little known label/collective based out of the bay area known as Anticon. For a while now they've been producing pretty mind blowing artists in the realm of experimental hip-hop & lo-fi electronic. The most notable can be easily narrowed down to that of WHY?. The project comes from the mind of Yoni Wolf who, originally from the midwest, started as one of founding members of the Ohio-based ambient masters cLOUDDEAD. When their reign ended, he relocated to Oakland & produced that achingly brilliant album Oaklandazulasylum & became known as an innovator of low fidelity rhymes. His lyrics, sometimes incomprehensible, are obscure & at times inspiring.

My goal now is to find Yoni via the bay area, where I'll be postin' up next month, & reminisce about the midwest. This will lead us to write a sonic opus of a record! Anyone out there interested in playing slide-whistle or glockenspiel you know where to find me.

Some Anticon head-trips:

cLOUDDEAD - "rifle eyes"

WHY? - "early whitney" (remix)

cLOUDDEAD - "pheonix"

WHY? - "rubber traits"

Monday, December 10, 2007

i'm always sick during finals

this made staying awake longer to study more, just a little closer to bearable.

The bitches of PFOH...

...wish you a very excruciating christmas season

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


i've tried to always keep the bike talk to a minimum; but between finals, 30 hour work weeks and two bike builds, i've got nothing to post about (unless you guys are into tips on cake frosting or my favorite types of research methods?) well anyways, i'm not sure if this is a trailer or just a well produced internet clip (from the guy who made the cool kids black mags video?) either way check out trackosaurus rex if the clip sparks your interest. anyone know the song in the video? flosstradamus?

check out BLVDxAVE, a friend of mine from san francisco (dynamite de vera) along with his partners from sf/la/philly.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let's have a lovefest

Perfect indie rock has hit me again like a pile of feathers in a pillow fight. Really, I get to experience fun like this again?

Throw Me The Statue draws quick comparisons with Bishop Allen: smart, fun indie music that keeps you satisfied both via hooks, bridges and other tools of construction as well as with interesting lyrics. You're bound to have fun but also to be hooked enough to keep listening even when the bells and hand-claps subside.

If you're ready to have fun, Lolita and About to Walk will keep your boots shining proud*.

>>> "Lolita"  (via MediaFire.... like zshare)
>>> "About to Walk"
>>> "Yucatan Gold"
>>> "A Mutinous Dream"
>>> le space

*I've been known to make up my own common phrases. Sorry.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"all of the wood is on fire"

Finally, a connection between the holy ghost and infectious dance moves has been made. This blows my mind every time. Swedish pop will never die. Preach the gospel!

Familjen - Det Snurrar I Min Skalle

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sigur Ros the movie?

hmmm... I feel out of the loop. This kinda reminds me of that Metallica documentary that shows how sensitive they all really are. I always thought that Iceland looked more like this:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I love you when you're happy, I love you when you're sad

Hold on to your heartstrings. This is The Shocking Pinks. The brainchild of ex-Brunettes drummer Nick Harte & one of the most promising new-comers to the DFA collective. Maybe even the best New Zealand import since the sweet potato. And YES there name is taken from the John Hughes classic Pretty In Pink. If that disways you [which it shouldn't!], or the fact that the name may yield some pretty unwanted search results, let me assure you all that his self-titled debut is chalk full of tasteful genre-bending sweetness: the sulking guitar layers of a shoegazer epic, the naked honesty of a lo-fi love song, oh & there's real drums? Way to finally champion the "non-electronic" DFA!

(for lack of any other way to describe it)
Tragedy never sounded so good.. :
>> Shocking Pinks - s/t [stream]
>> Shocking Pinks : Singles + Remixes [stream]

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hands off bitch, he's not your man!

Saturday night Santa Cruz witnessed the splendor that is Architecture in Helsinki live. Now, I do really like quite a few songs from AIH, but nothing they've recorded anywhere compares to what they're like live. Their live performances really showcase how talented and fun and personable the group is. Kellie Sutherland is the name of the adorable girl from the group that doned a Koala-bear face sweatshirt (see above) with frosting leggings. If you don't know, she makes me swoon. Before the concert I looked her up personally and found an old girl band of hers called Your Wedding Night. Based on how they don't have a myspace or website or anywhere to get their song other than iTunes, I'm assuming they've split up. (although it doesn't help that they have a really common phrase for a band name that sometimes brings up porn on a search)

The reason I mention this defunct group is that they have a really awesome indie pop song called L-A-C-H-L-A-N that makes me way too excited. It's about this super fly guy named Lachlan and all the girls that fawn over him. If you don't trust me that this song is really fun and cute (duhhhhh), check out one of the stand out lyrics: "That boy he can please us like 4 kinds of cheeses"
Uh gahhhH. It actually sounds better when Miss Adorable Girl AU sings it, but hey, I can only do so much with blogger text.

Do yourself a favor and download the hot track via Z-share thanks to yours truly.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"who makes this music anyways?"

In lite of the pagan new-year/halloween, & the fact that Sweden is the source of so much goodness right now, here is probably the best usage of masks by an artist in the past year. [the visual effects. the song. see for yourself!]

The Knife - Heartbeats (live)

more glorification of the incognito..

animal collective - winter's love (jam)

dr. dog - the girl

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Japan... so hot right now.

Parachute from Shugo Tokumaru's new album Exit. The album dropped in Japan on the 19th with no sign of an American release yet, but if you don't feel like paying import prices keep an eye out for a state side release. Shugo's been busy touring with his other band Gellers (supporting their first album which dropped in Japan in May), making an awesome cover of Peter Bjorn & John's Young Folk's (which you can stream on Pitchfork's Forkcast) and now coming out with a solo folk album and starting touring around Japan for that. Check the mp3s!
Shugo Tokumaru - Clocca
Gellers - Colorado

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wherever you go there will be Love Love Love

This right here is going to be your new favorite thing. Ukelele, whistle, boy-girl vocals, awesomely styled video (you'll get a kick out of their short-shorts ensemble), and the most infectuous cute songs ever. This is Noah and the Whale, your Winter 2007 replacement of Peter Bjorn and John and your newest Magnetic Fields-esque sweet group.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

holding hands with the hood inside

First, otters in love:

Outside it's fall. The air is getting so blistery at times that even my tolerance from mid-western winters is tested. I'm thinking of taking a lesson from the squirrels and hibernating with a huge stash of nuts and berries. Anyone and everyone should follow my lead!

Among the tunes that warms me up almost as much as apple cider is Will Oldham's ethereal incarnation Bonnie "Prince" Billy. Not only does he find a way to run around the board with every record but he's probably the only known artist whose dominion over songwriting can be traced through a running seven surnames; Matt Sweeney, Will Oldham, Palace Brothers, Palace Music, Palace Songs, Palace.

After riding on some unexpected hype from his recent appearance in R.Kelly's ridiculously entertaining hip-hopera Trapped In The Closet, he'll be releasing Ask Forgiveness on Domino Records under the name Bonnie "Prince" Billy once again. Slated for the a 11/19 release, the record spans a collection of covers that Oldham has crafted with more acoustic eccentricity over the past year or so. Among these tracks are reworkings of Bjork, Danzig, Mary J. Blige and (as credited) Robert Sylvestor Kelly himself. Knowing his uncanny ability to lay out sonic landscapes with unflinching calm and grace leads me to believe that there will be no disappointment!

Other more than notable Will Oldham performances include a lead role in Kelly Reichardt's slow but sure film Old Joy (2006). Though, truthfully, nothing can touch his appearence with Zach Galifianakis in the video for Kanye West's "You Can't Tell Me Nothing", which is far to amazing to describe in words.

Bounce to this! >>>

No more OiNK

Fuck this shit. I don't want to get out of bed.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Here's to Hibernation

Great Lake Swimmers - Moving Pictures Silent Films (from Live EP)

Also this is the best idea ever.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

let's start out with a little humor

hey ev'rybody! i'm derek; i've got a soft spot for japanese game shows now a days, if you enjoy dizzy boxing half as much as i do you might want to check out a few other good ones. nothing like watching people suffer pain and humiliation on a gameshow with the so purpose to make the audience laugh at the contestant's expense and have no real cash prizes. contact your local cable provider, tell them you want more television like this state side.

andrew jackson jihad, the self-proclaimed "raffi who says 'fuck'" just dropped their new album people that can eat people are the luckiest people in the world using the grassroots method of surprising the audience at their september 11th show by releasing it then. the album came as a surprise for andrew jackson fans everywhere because of the combination of how quite they kept it while working on the album and the rather high production quality on there new release. it is quite a different sound from everything i had heard from them before, it no longer just a guitar and a stand up base sound that i've grown to love from this small time arizona band. interesting trivia fact: bryn's old band there's no i in team decepticon opened for andrew jackson jihad in protland oregon.
andrew jackson jihad - let us get murdered (off of there split with ghost mice)

i've been a long running fan of holy fuck from when they came out with their first ep, the combination of raw drum beats and a plug'n play electronic style. they're soon going to drop their third self-titled release with this one being their first full length lp. if you were lucky enough to get a hold of their limited ep that dropped earlier this year (i have it on vinyl,) you're already familiar with most of the songs on the new album but the new songs make it definitely worth picking up.
holy fuck - royal gregory

ghostface killah and man man are playing shows in santa cruz this month, see all you guys then.

thank you bryn phillips (mentioned above) for the link to possibly the funniest thing i've seen in a long time...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First day of winter came a season too soon

It got grey today. Who wants to cuddle up and go back to 1995 with me?


So, it begins. Post #1 reaffirming, maybe embarrassingly so, my feeble attractions to whiskey-toting female guitarists who just happen to be from Brooklyn. Could it be Elisa Ambrogio's exhausted swagger? Or maybe just the fact that she is apparently using her half pint of Jim Beam as a guitar slide? I mean, damn!

In any case, the noise coming from the Magik Markers lately has been largely impressive and refreshing. This all in the wake of what seems to be a constantly recycled sound coming from New York's "king country". As a part of the often criticized "no-fi" movement, they are certainly not for everyone.

What really matters, however, is that their new record Boss, out on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label, is like a spear of mind blowing textures that make it an unqualified, challenging masterwork in my eyes. At times reminiscent of late 80's Sonic Youth on tracks like "Taste", it also has a clear sensitivity to songwriting on "Bad Dream/Hartford's Beat Suite", all while preserving the discordant world they've been known to create.

This friday is the big 2-3 for me &, along with a few exciting coastal adventures on Saturday, I will be seeing them at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco. If I could urge you any more to find a way to the show I'd probably be hitting you point-blank in the face with a sledgehammer. Which is ironically what some believe their music simulates. They'll be playing with Seattle sweetheart Goatgirl.

Hold onto your face..
From the "BOSS" LP:
>> Taste
>> Bad Dream/Hartford's Beat Suite

**note: you might want to consider THIS before seeing them live.

Also, let it be known that the weekend will end with a burst of joy when Akron/Family plays at The Crepe Place (1134 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz). They are a virtually unclassifiable band that, along with ex-Swan Michael Gira's project Angels of Light, are responsible for two of the most undeniably great albums of the year. Akron/Family's Love Is Simple, and Angels of Light's We Are Him, both on Young God Records. More on the folk-inspired brilliance of Angels of Light later.

Sunday: a perfect day for delicious cheese-filled crepes and Akron/Family's epic display of beards and random toy instruments. Yum!

Akron/Family - Moment (live) Albany, NY

[I'm looking forward to writing along side these lovelies. I'll be filling up my pockets with more stallions, unicorns, and the like in the near future.. ]

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Hats off to Tate's friends SPANK ROCK for not only providing us with a new dose of Philly Rap/Miami Bass goodness, but also creating the best album covers of this year. So far they have released 3 EPs leading up to their new album, each on with amazing cover art. peep these:

Loose - Spank Rock

Also check out this DJ mix by Terry Told 'Em. Still can't get over saturday night.

in-DEED - Terry Told 'Em

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Alert! Pocket Full of Horses holds hands with friends!

Pocket Full of Horses is officially undergoing some changes that have nothing to do with our layout (which is already awesome enough). We've invited a few of our friends to help out with the blog so in the next few days you may be seeing posts from people other than just me! and dean!. Our first friend is Derek who pretty much has the same blogging story as me. He started out as a solo blogger at Dodge Attack and then moved on to Sex in the Breakroom with our boo Austin. We hold him dearly in our blogging hearts. Expect something ridiculously cutting edge from him.

Our other invitation was sent out to our friend Jon Lady. He's a full name kind of guy. Booty is new to the blogging community, but not new to writing and being cynical. From the looks of it, he's going to be writing some super high quality stuff that will be linguistically enriching.

So there's my official notice. Things will be changing a bit for a while. I think both of these guys will be great additions to our blog, but keep in mind that none of this is permanent just yet; someone may be jumping ship or walking the plank or crying mutiny any moment now. Anyways, I hope your excited for our new changes because we're really looking forward to seeing this blog take new shape. And as always, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

what it is what it do

I think everything will just be downhill from here. Last weekend I saw (in order) Ladytron, The Chemical Brothers, Dan Deacon and Girl Talk. By Sunday morning I was pretty much paralized from the waist down and in a deep euphoric state similar to drinking 8 onces of Kava. Breakdown!

started off pretty weak but picked up speed towards the end. Overall a neat performance but stood quivering in the shadows of the Chemical Brothers.

The Chemical Brothers-
Fucking amazing. Their performance was on par with Sigur Ros except the chemical brothers had several thousands of dollars invested in LASERS!!!!!! The video projection was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and completly restored my faith in VJs. They played a whole bunch of stuff off of their new album We are The Night which was pretty quality. here is a sample:

Das Spiegel - The Chemical Brothers

Dan Deacon-
If I get by a 30ft great white the next time I take a bath, I would die knowing the I had at least one accomplishment: I saw and survived a Dan Deacon show. He had a flashing green skull, n'uff said. I ripped a live copy of "Silence like the Wind" to help me come down from the performance.

Silence like the Wind - Dan Deacon

Girl Talk-
Greg Gillis looks a lot like Jesus. He also was received by the crowd as if he was Jesus. Maybe he is the new messiah, or better yet, the new anti-christ (move over Rasputin). Either way I now can say that I have been on stage at the Hollywood Bowl and the Fillmore without playing a single note. Here is a highlight of the show:

Knife (Girl Talk Remix)- Grizzly Bear

Best weekend ever? Maybe.

p.s. Here is some proof that the show was awesome:

Friday, September 28, 2007

Cuteness obsession v3.0

First primordial dwarfs, then a ridiculously large bunny named Heir Hare, and now a special breed of cat that is noticably larger than others. What is it about overly large and small things that makes them so cute?? Today I stumbled upon this picture:

And while upon first glance, you may think "Yah riiiiiiiiiight. Dat ain't real boo", it is in fact, real boo. That right there is a 24lb Maine Coon cat. I looked into the breed of cat and it turns out they're predispostioned to be super cuddly as well as super big. They have really large ears, super fluffems tails, and big big tufted oogle-worthy paws. Wikipedia calls them "gentle giants" and says that they're intelligent and playful. In short, I considered flying out to Maine to pick one up from a breeder (that is, until I discovered you can adopt 16lb-ers in Oakland).

Here's another picture of Fluffers McGee looking super cute in the arms of this owner who looks exactly like me circa 2003. Coincidence? I think not..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here in my loft I feel safest of all

From 90s jams to relaxing fantasy world. Another Caitlin-craze I never reported on is Taken By Trees, the new project coming from Victoria Bergsman (who sings for The Concretes as well as on Peter Bjorn & John's "Young Folks", both of which I wrote about here). Recently, Tough Alliance remixed her song "Too Young" to create something that sounds like Victoria Bergsman singing to a Panda Bear single. In other words, amazing, striking, beautiful. Another stand-out track is called "Open Field". Mostly ignored by the casual listener, Open Field is best when described fairly elaborately.

Do yourself a favor and download "Open Field", listed below. Next, read my description of what's going on in the song. Afterwards, try to out-description me and/or tell me I'm wrong.

It sounds like a mystical land. The main enemy (dragon, storm, evil wizard, etc) has just been defeated, and the peasants are walking out of their tiny huts to look around at their suddenly sunny, blossoming land which is covered in wild flowers and dew drops and populated by singing birds and fluttering butterflies. A sense of wonder encompasses everything. Neighbors say hello, including Mr. Toad and Mrs. Rabbit. Hello all! Strom has cleared, welcome to spring time!

Don't believe me? Take a listen to "Open Field" and see for yourself. Her other songs are also highly recommended accompaniments to afternoon naps.

(**all files via Z-share)
>> Taken Too Young remixed by Tough Alliance
>> Open Field by Taken by Trees
>> Julia by Taken by Trees
>> Too Young by Taken by Trees (original)

Taken by Trees space // site // shop

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I like it when you call me Big Papa

(above is what I want to look like for Girl Talk. Please help.)
Here's a post that's 90% overdue: 90s hits. I made this fatty playlist at the beginning of summer filled with some of my fave hip hop and R&B hits from everyone's favorite decade du jour. Well, lady just uploaded a few of these. Upon re-listening, I realize I'm kind of overrrr a lot of these songs, but it's probably because I listened to this playlist everyday for a few weeks. Anyways, I now present to you The List. If you have any recomendations I wouldn't mind hearing them, but take note that The Jock Jams Party is now officially over. Jock Jams will live in all of our hearts (and party times) for a very long time, but my list and Austin's list should be aloud to remain separate. Speaking of the party, great job everyone. Sorry 'bout all the heckling, Austin you are a dance god, and my whole left arm is covered in bruises. If I found out you punched me, you're going down.

**Note: Yes, there are quite a few songs. Most of them are really good, but user discretion is advised. Also, yes there is a lot of Salt-n-Pepa. They've been my fave band recently, and they deserve a real listen. I have all their albums, babydoll. Anyways, they're supposed to have a reality show coming out on VH1. Kind of not gonna look into it, but hey, they've still got it (and they made albums from 1987-1997. hotties.)

Naughty By Nature - OPP
Blackstreet - No Diggity
Notorious BIG - Big Papa
TLC - Creep
Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise
20 Finger (but God I wish this was Salt-n-Pepa [heroes!!!] like LimeWire said) - Short Dick Man
Skee-Lo - I Wish
Mariah Carey - Fantasy
Salt-n-Pepa - None of Your Business
Salt-n-Pepa w/ Envogue - Whatta Man
Salt-n-Pepa - Boom I Got Your Boyfriend
All 4 One - I Swear
KC & JoJo - All My Life
112 - Peaches and Cream (not actually 90s, but soooo good)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bone Fish

Caitlin and I drove up to San Francity last night to see Animal Collective at the Fillmore. Amazing? Yes. Insane? Sort of. Salty tears filled with a megaton of serotonin? Of course! I was really blown away by their performance because over half of the stuff that they played is unreleased but when they did a the occasional recognizable song the crowd went apeshit.

Peacebone - Animal Collective

The next show I am going to see is the Chemical Brothers towards the end of this month. Here are a few of my favorite CB music videos to keep you busy.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Guess who's back

I will be the first one to admit that I have been neglecting PFOH for the past month. Let's just say that I needed a break and I got one. But now I am back in Santa Cruz and ready to pick up where I left off. First off Beirut's new album, The Flying Club Cup has found its way onto the internet. Owen Pallett and Zack Condon make quite a cute couple if you ask me.

Cliquot - Beirut
The Penalty - Beirut

Also if you were not caught in the MTV news crossfire Kanye West outsold 50 Cent on tuesday. That means that 50 Cent will not release any more solo recordings. How could 50 Cent not see his end charging at him like that train that almost hit Verno in Stand By Me? Who knows.

Champion - Kanye West

Last night I watched the 1986 super smash hit Thrashin. Just as the cover promised, it was Hot! Reckless! (and) Totally Insane! peep this:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

prepare to be w0w'd

(click for larger image)

This is definately the best album cover ever. From the blatently still-folded tropicalia back drop to those stunning outfits complete with enviable successories (get me some chainz pleeeeeeeeseeeee [heyya dean watsup]), and then all that oil!!!!

And the name of the album. Please, tell me God was in on this one, because this kind of awesome doesn't usually come from anywhere but little bottles of miracle potions. Get me a t-shirt pronto.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Guess what? is now up! That's right. Eff lrmd.blogspot, it's all about our super suave domain name. So next time you feel like flying over to Pocket Full of Horses, you know the route to take.

In other news, I thought I'd introduce you to what TSI's been dancing to quite frequently. They're called the Bloody Beetroots, an Italian DJ group who make some awesome remixes. The song you heard in our "Bloody Beetroots vs TSI" is a remix of Timbaland's "Miscommunication" and it's pretty poppin'. (side note: is "poppin" acceptable slang?)

>> Miscommunication Timbaland rmx - Bloody Beetroots
>> Public Enemy - The Bloody Beetroots
>> Throw It On Me Timbaland rmx - Bloody Beetroots

>> The Bloody Beetroots myspace

ANother explosion!!!

we worked on that for two nights. We are improving.


Our improvisations are always best. Are you ready to rumble???

ANother explosion!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

#1 in scenes I had no idea existed

So, as some of you loyal fans may have noticed, this summer I was involved in the creation of a new dance troupe called Too Sexi Incorporated. We are commited to glitter, 90s jams, and syncronized dance moves. Every now and then (read: every 2 days or so) we get together, work on the creation of our all-mighty beeramid, make up some dance moves, and record in really low-quality that does very little to show off the kinds of outfits we pull together (think day-glo splatter paint overalls).

Just yesterday I was introduced to what is ultimately the main inspiration for our troop. Before this, it was just fun and games. I understood what we were doing, but not where we were going. Now I do. And the answer is Philadelphia. Training has just stepped up a notch now that I know what's out there. Here are videos from a famous dance battle earlier this year in Phily. First up, Club Lyfestile's dance, which Feathers prefers.

And this, my friends, is my personal fave Team Infinity, who may not be able to do flips, may not have skinny boys with mustaches, and may not throw glitter at the crowd, but who, for some reason, know how to pump up the jams and rock the house.

In Feathers' words, "My dream is to have my head lowered and hear the loud cheers of people chanting "DANCE OFF DANCE OFF" in my ears"

Too Sexi Incorporated is currently training for their ultimate trip to Philadelphia in one year to witness their favorite dance troops and to perhaps perform some stunts of their own. Please send donations, especially in the form of glitter, dance mixes, spotlights, disco balls, strobe lights, fog juice (our machine is hungry), and beer to the Too Sexi Incorporated headquarters, located in downtown Awesomeville.

TSI's space - TSI's videos

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Explosive new dance video from T.S.I.

Click here to watch the best new thing to hit the internets. It'll blow your mind.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Pretty Songs for Airconditioned Evenings

I'm here to finally update you on my current music obsessions. There've been plenty for summer, but my main and favorite one is Rogue Wave They've just released a new album, which persuaded me to get obsessed with a bunch of songs which are, of course, not on the new album. Their songs are all totally beautiful, with a swinging feeling that pushes forward and then falls back (esp Bird on a Wire, my favorite). No matter how upbeat the songs get (which they usually don't, too much), the lead singer's voice is always, despite his best efforts, relaxed and pretty. It really does feel like airconditioning or of twinkling trees on sunny cool days.

Bird on a Wire
Lake Michigan (off of their new album "Asleep at Heaven's Gate", and totally fantastic)

site - space - shop

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dance Party in the Balkans

stumble stumble stumble love. Yesterday I found this awesome track from a group called Alaska in Winter with our favorite Zach Condon of Beirut performing along side. I read a few good reviews, and finally snatched up the album. The music sounds a lot like Beirut, with electronic beats underlying horns and beautiful vocals. Brandon Bethancourt, who leads the group, wrote his songs while spending a semester in a tiny cabin in Alaska. He then came back home, snatched up great performers from great bands (Beirut, duh) and recorded an album that is perfect for any Beirut fans who need something new-yet very similar. I've been listening to this album (Dance Party in the Balkans) almost nonstop since yesterday, and I can't really see myself ever wanting to stop, unless it's to protect myself from overdoing it.

From the looks of it, I think all his mp3s are being taken down from blogs, so I'll skip that part, leave you up to your own means, and redirect you to his myspace. All the songs are beautiful but "Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind" is the one performed with Zach Condon, and therefore the one you probably want to listen to first to fall in love.

And if all that wasn't totally wonderful, it turns out Alaska in Winter is performing with Beirut this fall! Which means that the epic as fuck show in SF that I'm going to is going to be 2x as amazing.

You can get an mp3 from I Guess I'm Floating, a pretty rad blog (and where I happened to get hooked), but for all else I suggest you head to your favorite pig-speak treasure chest.

site/buy - space

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's like a division symbol

This guy is like, the best thing to happen to the luckiest casting agent ever. While Superbad was amazingly funny (10x funnier than Flight of the Fucktards) (I didn't write that) in every single scene, McLovin totally stole the show and then some. His lisp, his awkward body type, and his one liner black-white kid lines from 1999 are just too much for someone with laughing contagiosity. I'm currently watching a pirated version online because I need to see this movie 30 more times to hear all the amazing lines.

Anyways, what I really wanted to do was show you guys my newest music obsessions, but eff that. Superbad is so supergood that my musical lovefests don't even compare. In other stupidly good movie news, Resident Evil 4: Extinction looks so effing rad.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We're Lady Tigra and Bunny and we got the Boom!

My new official favorite thing (apart from the fact that I'm going to see live one of the few musicians who makes me cry upon listening due to grandiosity) is L'Trimm, the girl group from the 80s/90s who produced your favorite "I thought that was Le Tigre even though it sounds nothing like them" song: The Cars That Go Boom (see video below). I'm totally hooked on their catchy tunes, and it turns out that The Lady Tigra, one half of L'Trimm, is coming out with a new solo album this year. I couldn't be more happy. Here's The Cars that Go Boom, a video of this awesome mural being made in LA for the new Lady Tigra album, and some really fun tracks.

And if you're interested, I'm thinking of making my -ahem- broadcasting project next year centered around this kind of Miami Bass music. I'm psyched, and I'm going to learn how to spin/scratch records for the occasion. Get pre-psyched for fun hip hop dance parties once a week.

The Lady Tigra - Bass on the Bottom
L'Trimm - Cars that Go Boom
Duchess Says - Black Flag
(not related to L'Trimm, but equally awesome)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The blast from the past

The Go! Team is back with a few freaky freaky singles off of their new album "proof of youth". What I have heard so far is pretty awesome but I am curious to how the new album will match up to the orig. I just have my fingers crossed that they will be coming back to the states again. until then, eat this:

Grip Like a Vice - The Go! Team
The Wrath of Mircie - The Go! Team
The Go! Team vs. The Game - The Hood Internet
Fake ID - The Go! Team

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just another internet phenomenon

Let's not waste our time.. I <3 Chocolate Rain. This is my favorite internet musician since Leslie Hall, and I can't lie... I was obsessed with Miss Hall.

And let's not forget this awesome remix.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

It takes 3

3 unconnected listenings or references for something to finally excite the brain. Hence inside jokes. Hence songs that you find repeatedly in your life, sometimes months or even years between each listen, and each time there's a litte more attachment and feeling in it. Hence Victoria Bergsman's voice.

The Concretes- You Can't Hurry Love

Then check out her new solo project here for an inexplicably nostalgic song. (Yes, you love her because of "Young Folks")

Plus: Enviable, adorable style from a girl who's voice would get on your nerves if it weren't for how good this song/video combo is

Fave parts: "you humiliate me in front of our friends" (fish), stop motion dino toys, toothbrushes kissing and watches spooning, "I cannot be bovered wiv this", how effing swee and fun she seems)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I know what boys want

This kinda just in: M.I.A. is gonna be playing at the Ameoba in Berkeley this saturday at 2. It is a free show to promote her new album that comes out towards the end of August. I can't seem to find any leaks on the whole album but I was able to snag the single. I hope to see all of you there because it will be one of the best free shows ever.

Boyz - M.I.A.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


When we all went to see THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW at pergolesi? I do. Remember Austin and Bryn? I do and I got proof:

I miss Santa Cruz, BUT I will be down there for a few hours this weekend. Coffee?

Some nights I swear there was magic in the air

My bff Jamora introduced me to this band called Seabear who seem to be the perfect meloncholy sweetness for train rides. I've found that my favorite feeling ever is the feeling of being by yourself on long-distance public transportation. There's something about the impermanence, the feeling of not being in one particular place, the feeling of both leaving something behind and arriving somewhere else. I like being stuck with my thoughts while listening to new music and looking out windows above a land and lives you'll never touch because you're just passing through.

Anyways, Seabear reminds me a bit of the Lovekevins or another sweet twee band who got a dose of sadness and melowed out. In fact, I'm convinced the two bands share the same lead singer, but I'm apparently really bad about finding that out for a fact. Here are a few songs, and I suggest you check out their myspace too because it turns out they're both really cute sounding and really cute looking.

>> Space
>> I Sing I Swim
>> Arms
>> Cat Piano

Saturday, July 21, 2007

pick up the slack...

I hope this fulfills your deepest desires:

Friday, July 20, 2007

101 posts oh my!

Dean, pick up the slack. I'm kind of busy finding myself at the time, but I feel terrible not contributing to my year-long favorite hobbie so I figured I'd throw something out there for [someone] to soak up. I started getting into Bat for Lashes before I left for my vacay but I'm still falling for her. She's like a new Cat Power with a sprinkle of some ghostly creep (as I like it) and awesome style. Here's something to make you pine for Halloween and bikerides through cemetaries:

Turns out we should turn this into a giant post so I don't have to do this for a long time. So maybe [probably] I have a fairly immature sense of humor and happen to find this youtube Vanessa-found clip dunked in hilarity. The babies part hurts me because babies/birth are two inexplicably hilarious things in my book.

ALLLLLSO. I might have already brought this up. But if not. Planet Hiltron beats Gallery of the Absurd any day in photoshopping miracles to satisfy the woman who has moved on from US Weekly obsessions but still needs a [less guilty] celebrity fix. This artist has a knack for finding awesomely tacky photos and pasting appropriate celeb faces on them [often onto fat bodies]. I find joy and giggles in each visit I make. Here are some classics and faves (but I suggest you take your own look and choose for yourself):

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Block Party

The Diplo/Kid Sister/A-Trak show was yesterday. To sum it up in one word the show was overwhelming, but that is a bit of an understatement. I showed up at around 3:50 and an impromptu fashion show is taking place on the main stage. Every type of hipster imaginable managed to stumble into the show and are A) smoking a short-run mainstream cigarette B) clenching onto their new Nikon D80 rig or C) looking absolutely ridiculous while smoking/taking pictures. Out of the two acts Diplo stole the stage with his baile funk mix with blue monday. A-trak was rad, but Kid sister was super rad, and thats a whole lot of rad. Overall it was well worth a 20$ magazine subscription. Here are a few new tracks that I will think you will enjoy (my mediamax account is acting up so I have to experiment with other hosting options. any recommendations?) .
Young Folks (Diplo's Drums of Death Remix) - Peter, Bjorn & John
Young Folks Pussy - Diplo
Work Is Never Over - Diplo
Stronger - Kanye West
Pro Nails - Kid Sister
Hands Up Thumbs Down - DJ Blaqstarr

Friday, July 6, 2007

Please Help

I need a fake I.D. ASAP. This is why.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

100% pure awesomeness

On September 29th, Girl Talk will be playing at the Fillmore. If that is not too completly awesome, Dan Deacon is opening for him. If you don't know who Dan Deacon is, peep Sexbreak then download this (once mediamax is back up):
The Crystal Cat - Dan Deacon

until then...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A day at the races beaches

Summer has officially begun with days at the beach, thriftstores, and the summer solsitice. During my 100% summer day yesterday, I was introduced to a cover that Dr. Dog did of of "Heart it Races" by Architecture in Helsinki. Both of the songs are grand and they really compliment eachother, kind of the way Jose Gonzalez made the lyrics to "Heartbeats" more clear and meaningful, and how then the Knife's version was that much more amazing afterwards. Give them both a listen and then add them to your summer playlist!

>> Architecture in Helsinki // Heart it Races
>> Dr. Dog // Heart it Races

image by my hero Brad Neely