Thursday, February 28, 2008

Newest Obsession: Cassettes Won't Listen remixes

In this blog trodden world, remixes are a dime a dozen. You can only listen to so many electronic dance tracks before your mind gets trapped in a prison of incessant beats that cause all these "I have a music program too!" tracks to merge into eachother and become a heap of entirely uninteresting material. I know, it's confusing and unsatisfying to say the least. Which is why my new favorite remixes tend to be remixes to originally mellow, pretty, often sorrowful songs. Add a stellar beat and you've got yourself something completely original, something that bands like Her Space Holiday managed to create minus the middle man remixer. A good (scratch that, excellent) example is the Tough Alliance remix of Taken By Trees' "Taken Too Young".

And now, rescuing me from my disillusionment with new indie music, comes Cassettes Won't Listen, who, besides having excellent original work, creates some of my favorite remixes to date out of a broad range of songs that I originally liked quite a bit, but never as much as I do now. My favorite by far is the remix of Midlake's "Young Bride". Simply delectable.

Scoop it Up.

>> Midlake - Young Brides (CWL remix)
>> Pela - Lonesome Hearts (CWL remix)
>> Cassettes Won't Listen - Paper Float
>> Asobi Seksu - Strawberries (CWL remix)

(also, visit Cassettes Won't Listen's myspace to check out tons more songs.)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hello PFOH's readers,
My name is Austin Hartman (formerly of Sex In the Break Room) and I read a lot of comic books, so many I spend on average one hundred dollars a week on buying new ones. Yes, I am broke and can only do this because I split rent with someone. But you are probably wondering why I am talking about comic books on PFOH, well its because I am the new comic book reviewer/updater. So, in my first issue of "Around The World In 60 Seconds" I would like to tell you about myself and where I am coming from with my reviews. I make movies, my greatest dream in life is to be able to breath under water, and I look for good sexual, gender, and class politics on comics (also I am addicted to collecting things: action figures, comics, buttons, etc). My favorite comic book writers are: Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, Garth Ennis, and Brian Wood. Before I give you this weeks review and update, here is a lot of some of my favorite comics (lists are in no specific order):
TOP 5 Comics (series):
1) Preacher
2) 100 Bullets
3) The Authority
4) Invisibles
5) B.P.R.D.

TOP 5 Comic (single TPB*)
1) Black Dossier
2) Watchmen
3) Batman: Arkham Asylum
4) Filth
5) WE3

...and the x-men is what I grew up on.
So, onto the reviews:
Today I just finished Mark Millars one-off side story about The Authority's original leader Jenny Sparks in "Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority", and for me, and any other Authority fan, answers all your questions about how it all got started (without reading "Storm Watch"). Secondly, I also just finished Grant Morrison's "Seabstian O", which for how short it is conveys amazing politics, especially sexual politics. Lastly, I also read Michael Avon Oeming's "Cross Bronx", which as many know he is the penciler from the awesome Brian Michael Bendis "Powers" series - and that is where I think he should stay, as a penciler. In "Cross Bronx", the art was good, but in my opinion Oeming should focus on that field.

Take this first issue and a trial run, look at my top lists, and for those who aren't comic book readers maybe start there. Yes, I am a bit of a comic book prude, but over all a friendly hipster GEEK. Keep in mind these are my opinions and you sure as fuck don't have to agree. But if you say word one hating on Warren Ellis or Grant Morrison you might receive a super sonic blast to the face (not really). I would love for your feedback - your opinion on things I've reviewed, things I should read and review, or just how cool I am.

Well thanks for letting my post Issue #1, stay tuned and well read for next week (I am trying to figure out a solid day, Mon. or Wed., to post my weekly review.).

AND REMEMBER BUY ALL YOUR COMIC BOOKS FROM COMICOPOLIS. Team J-Roy rocks my socks off (and if you're reading please HIRE ME!).


p.s. the reviews will get better as we get more serial with it. This first issue is way to long (and I'm a bit tipsy). Also, thank you to PFOH for letting me contribute.


Monday, February 25, 2008

hey bitches.

the freaks and geeks cast are un-fucking-stoppable! here's the trailer for the new jude apatow $50 million 'weed action movie.'

it's been a long ass time, i'm sorryz... muh badz. so i figured i lay down an entire mixtape of some of the songs from albums i've been into since my last post. expect more posts about these bands in the near future.

break yourself off a little piece of the 'where the fuck have you been?' mixtape...

blood on the wall - sorry sorry sarah
fugazi - afterthought
crime novels - new is new
boris with merzbow - pink (live)
andrew jackson jihad - personal space invader
blood on the wall - the x
boris - となりのサターン
japanther - the gravy
fugazi - turkish disco
why? - good friday
japanther - metal bike

the shit piled up

I'm avoiding sleep so I can listen to the remainder of this album for maybe the tenth time in the past few days. It's a beautiful thing. Almost as much as sleep...which, we all agree, is for the weak.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

Note to self: don't stay up till two, work 8 hours shifts 3 days in a row, and drink too much when you've been sick for almost a week.

Note to you: This song is really, well, supersonic. One of the best earworms since the other Supersonic.

Also, side note. Since when is this basic I'm in a Carrows bathroom with too many mirrors special effect the hottest thing in hot music videos? See: Holy Hail video, MGMT music video (which is kind of amazing, bt-dubs)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The bitches of PFoH...

...wish you a very uncomfortable, slightly awkward, somehow cuddly, 2-headed Valentine's Day.

the dark wizard of egypt

I was gone. Now Im back and Im back with some Michael Jackson videos. I watched these videos around 200 times when I was a kid. My friend Robbie had a copy of Moonwalker and whenever I would go to his house we would watch it and play street fighter 2. Anyways I've been super sick for the past few days and I had a sick dream about a bunny bound in leather. Weird.
pt. 1

pt. 2

I also have been listening to a lot of hot chip over the past few days. Their new album Made in the Dark dropped a few days ago and there are a few quality tracks. I also have been going back in time to check out Coming on Strong. Here are a few tracks for you to oogle over.

Wrestlers - Hot Chip
You Ride, We Ride, In My Ride - Hot Chip

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Destination Love pt. 1: 'We can't be contained, baby. It's you + I vs. the world!'

For the sake of the unavoidable indulgence of the love coming up (& the important face that dark chocolate is involved!) It's probably not a shock to anyone that valentine's day irritates me almost as much as...well..that junior high punk kid walking down my street that just threw a styrofoam container full of of old burrito on my front lawn. damn hooligans! I wonder how awkward & uncomfortable their valentine's day will be; a potentially traumatizing junior high date, for sure. That's how 8th grade always is.

If I was back in eighth grade, knowing what I know now, I probably would have made the educated decision to take my "valentine" to see The Make-Up!'s brilliant, revolutionary, ass-swervin' live show. Primarily because they are now defuncted & are known to perform like masters, but they also only ever played shows that were all-ages. & though they are gone, their gospel yeh-yeh style lives on!

The Make-Up!
Live in NYC / 95'


Tell It Like It Will Be

note: Weird War is what lead singer Ian Svenonius and bassist Michelle Mae are up to. Check it! (if you dare)

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Seriously, $140 for running a stop sign? What happened to girls on cute bikes being exempt from ridiculous fines?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Let's Get Hooked on High Places

Here are a few reasons to love High Places:

1. They sound like a timecapsule of tribal music got thrown into outerspace and turned into awesome electronic indie music. And then they made an alien with a beautiful voice sing along.
2. They write about ultimate human questions and package them in satisfyingly sing-song lyrics. In "Cosmonaut": "I've read a lot of books about the future of the sun and how my great great great great grandfather might've been a monkey's son"
3. They're "putting the cat back in catastrophe"
4. Their myspace says they sound like two dads hanging out.

>>> myspace
>>> "Cosmonaut" via zshare
>>> "New Grace" via zshare