Monday, January 28, 2008

An update on the magic of horses

Or, a message from the Matriarch.

Pocket Full of Horses the radio show is going amazing. For those of you who are too embarrassed to admit that you couldn't listen because the website's down, I have a special surprise for you: You CAN listen, and eat your cereal too! Go to and you can hear the fabulous voices of the terrible CH twosome. Next week there might be a guest appearance by Christopher's midi keyboard, meaning that listeners will no longer have to hear me try to make up diddles (?) with my voice. Also, we're looking for artists who might want to perform on-air with us, so if you know of anyone, you know who to contact (me:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Because you're already tired of Kimya

Admit it. You listened to the Juno soundtrack once, maybe twice, maybe three times all the way through and you loved it. And then it got old.

So to fill the hollow with more cute low-fi songs by a girl with an adorable voice, here's SoKo. Plus, SoKo will one up your Kimya by being French and beautiful. Unfortunately, her only release is an EP called "Not Sokute" (as if ironically proving the point) which doesn't have her best work on it. Fortunately, you can listen to a bunch of other songs on her myspace that actually play consecutively. You'll fall in love with her when she tells you she wants to look like a tiger with a tail (not a kitten) and when she sings "I will never love you more than Daniel Johnston". Seriously, this girl is amazing.

Here's her current hit called I'll Kill Her. (you can download it, really, if you click the link. You can also watch her sing it like here.) But really, you should just go to her Myspace instead.

And I really need to learn how to write songs.

Monday, January 21, 2008

drums are never dead

There's not much to say about this flawless display of indisputable cuteness coupled with gold chains. Nothing else could be more perfect to filter through this blog. No matter how much you've already heard of Liars, you haven't heard anything like their new self-titled release. Just get your asses to Slim's in San Francisco this Friday & check der style out!

Liars - Houseclouds

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tune in!

I just got a new radio show and I think this one is going to go beyond excellent. Two awesome DJs, one awesome name: Pocket Full of Horses. First day is this Monday, 4-6pm and I'll be on every week, same time after that. I suggest you listen if you want to hear some really awesome new music or if you have a friend crush on me or if you're just super cool and want to support non-profit radio. Tune in to 88.1fm or go to the KZSC website to stream the show online. Also, call in. Because I love you.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

S is for super, E is for exotic

Fergie is so far from fresh I'd throw her in a day-old bag. Here's where she stole her hook for Fergalicious. This is delicious and joins the rank of L'Trimm as being an awesome all-girl hip-hop group from the late 80s/early 90s. This is J.J. Fad (Just jammin' fresh and def) with "Supersonic".

Thursday, January 10, 2008

happy birthday!

i feel like the father who's moved out of town with his new girlfriend and has been dodging child support bills for the past few years. then out of the blue he shows up to your bar-mitzvah and ruins everything, even after your mom's friend adam (who you'll never call 'dad' cuz he's not! no matter what mom says!) spent so much money on ebay getting you the xbox 360 you wanted.
here, have some thunderant

Monday, January 7, 2008

Crystal Castles music video: Air War

Go here now to see the new Crystal Castles music video, which only makes me realize how awesome her style is. And don't forget that you love Crystal Castles thanks to me.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why won't you recognize how psychedelic I am??

The newest band to watch is Yellow Fever. Discovered via randomness and washed ashore onto my winter mix, Yellow Fever is led by 2 female vocalists and backed by a satisfyingly solid bass, creating a different yet not totally offbeat sound. Thanks to the cuties up front, the songs are often really sweet with lines like "Why won't you recognize how psychedelic I am and love me??" as well as a sing-song reminiscent of early Blow songs about breaking an iMac (when it comes to computers, who can't relate to the fear of all the ways you could break one of your friends best technological friend?) Yellow Fever quickly won my heart over. Up until I found out that I have to play the waiting game for a full length. I'm crossing my fingers that they won't pull a Voxtrot and screw it up. Up until then, here's some delicious songs to add to your new playlists.

(via z-share)
>>> Culver City
>>> Psychedelic
>>> iMac
>>> Myspace!