Wednesday, June 27, 2007

100% pure awesomeness

On September 29th, Girl Talk will be playing at the Fillmore. If that is not too completly awesome, Dan Deacon is opening for him. If you don't know who Dan Deacon is, peep Sexbreak then download this (once mediamax is back up):
The Crystal Cat - Dan Deacon

until then...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A day at the races beaches

Summer has officially begun with days at the beach, thriftstores, and the summer solsitice. During my 100% summer day yesterday, I was introduced to a cover that Dr. Dog did of of "Heart it Races" by Architecture in Helsinki. Both of the songs are grand and they really compliment eachother, kind of the way Jose Gonzalez made the lyrics to "Heartbeats" more clear and meaningful, and how then the Knife's version was that much more amazing afterwards. Give them both a listen and then add them to your summer playlist!

>> Architecture in Helsinki // Heart it Races
>> Dr. Dog // Heart it Races

image by my hero Brad Neely

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blood Red Shoes make you get in trouble, have fun

>> Blood Red Shoes // It's Getting Boring By the Sea
>> Blood Red Shoes website

Moon Moon

As Caitlin pointed out, Yacht has left The Blow. BUT guess what? it is not the end of the world because the Blow was never about Yacht! We will miss you Yacht but I think Khaela Maricich will be able to deal. Here is a taste of the last days of Yacht and Khaela.

Brushy Brushy - The Blow

Architecture in Helsinki make me dance my pants off, The Blow break up

Tuesday night Jamora and I headed to the Henry Fonda to witness YACHT's irresistible beats, hottie Jew-esque hair/face, and superb dance moves. Unfortunately, we totally missed him! So, see below for reviews of the 4 bands who played.

1. Ariel Pink fucking suck. I'm sorry to use such strong words, but they really did. I won't even comment on the lead singer's inability to command an audience/not look like a 1990s drug addled, barrett-wearing, hunched loser.

2. Gang Gang Dance. Had I been thizzing or superstoneybalogna, this show would have blown my mind. Unfortunately, I was drunk, and I just wanted to dance in my 1/2 size too small thrift store heels and I was bummed on missing YACHT. Jamora, along with a bunch of really super weird would-be ravers, loved the group, but I felt a little disconnected with the hippie girl singing like an Indian pop star to synthy beats and a song/light duo that was epic as fuck.

3. YACHT!!!! Here's where I critisize KCRW for (1) starting a show ontime (we were only 30 min late!) and (2) putting the best performer first. DUMB. Not to mention that YACHT's music would be a much better accompaniment to Architecture than would a shitty mcshittster band and a trippy hippie synth group. And although KCRW does provide the best programming this side of the GG Bridge, I really hate you right now. Hopefully the stars will align and Yacht will dance for me only at the next gig I see him at. Cause lord knows I'm catching that fellow again.

4. Architecture in Helsinki!!! put on an awesome show. They totally made up for me missing Yacht. They knew how to party, they knew how to make us dance, and they knew how to make it impossible for Jam Jam and I to leave despite my incredibly pained feet and her super sleepy aware of the drive-to-come mind. I'd also like to note that they were not bitches about their hot hits. They didn't wait for the very end in order to keep you from running off. Instead, they relied on a perfectly put together set list to keep you dancing from foot to foot (which also kept your feet from being too pained). I officially love Australians. The only female, Kellie, was fucking adorable and is also known as my hero from now on. She had super cute dance moves and she smiled like a million times everytime she saw the audience dancing like cray cray crayfish.

Now, here is a video of what we all missed out on: YACHT's super energetic dancing. Also, some YACHT news below

So, if you didn't read the title, The Blow have broken up. Don't cry too much even though I can assure you I did. Some may disagree, but I believe that the Blow blew up (hah!) with the help of Yacht. I don't know how much I can look forward to Kheala's music without her counterpart. Although I'm sure Jona won't be able to resist remixing her shizzle. Maybe he just wanted freedom, maybe she got too needy. Whatever the case, I will miss this duo. You were sweet.
And for old-time's sake, look at how cute they were together. They're the epitome of the nerdy best friend duo. Oh no. Tears.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

where did all the magic go?

If you are awesome (like me) you will go see NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD LIVE! my friend Geordie is in it and his plays are super gory and funny so if you are in the bay area over the next three nights check it out.

A few more shows are going to be in the city over the next two months that everyone should see. In my book they all carry equal weight and none should be missed. To start, Flosstradamus and Chromeo are going to be here in late July along with Daft Punk. I know that Daft Punk is sold out but there must be a way to work around that. A plus is that Flosstradamus is only 10 bucks. Chromeo might be a little hard to get into but try to give them a chance.

I am Somebody feat. Chromeo - DJ Mehdi

In August Daniel Johnston and the Animal Collective will be in the city. I think they speak for themselves but here is a little sample:

Phantom of my own Opera - Daniel Johnston

Winter's Love (Live) - Animal Collective

p.s. Girl Talk in September. I call dibs.


LRMD has become PFOH
Tell me what you think. It is not too late to change anything so let me know.
p.s. I am not dead. I know it feels like it but I am just taking a little break to reconnect with music. I will be back soon, I promise.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Listen Up: I've got a feeling that they've got feeling too

Finally, something unignorable graces my ears. I heard Shapes and Sizes a while back on the radio, and then again, and then again. Everytime I asked, "What IS this? It's so good!" After about the 5th time of saying that, I decided to look them up myself. They've got super screeching wacked-out guitars (as if the guitarists' hand were OD'ing on amphetamines) and some of the most distintinctive vocals around. The vocals also manage to be a little unsettling and screechy, especially with the repeated phrase "I've got a feeling they've got feeling to" which won't stop making me think of everyone's favorite xenophobia theme-bearing friends: the zombies. No. Not The Zombies, but zombies. Maybe I've just been reading too much of The Walking Dead lately, and maybe it'll make you think of something totally different. Thing is, it'll make you think. That's always a good thing.

Anyways, that said, it was enough to get me hooked. Here are two tracks and if you like them, click back soon because there's a good chance I could have more on the way.

>> Shapes and Sizes // Alone-Alive
>> Shapes and Sizes // Head Movin
>> Shapes and Sizes myspace

Saturday, June 16, 2007

News update dooottooodo

11one11. Meet one of my heroes. It's important to get to know a lady, especially through her favorite people ever. You probably already know a couple of them (Dean, Hilde), but how about an official one, one so official she is listed as a Myspace hero? Meet Michelle Collins, who like totally taught me how to abbreviate every word ever (totes is entirely thanks to her, as is Operation Kitten Calendar). I just read her account of chasing down Brad Pitt and it's minorly brilliant. I love her. Read it here. And if you scroll down far enough you might just find an obsessive fan comment written by moi (yogurtdestiny).

22two22. (do you guys like how snazzilly I number things?) I might go to Paris this summer for, like, under $40. Holler. (tronix)

333three333. No new music! I know, can you believe it? Instead I've decided to devote myself to pretending like the 90s are still retrospectively cool, and like I'm not some super nerd who read The Perks too many times by creating super special mix tapes. I can, like, give them to you if you, you know, want them. Lord knows my (previous) blogging partner will be forced to listen to them whether he likes it or not, so you might as well step up to the plate if only to be able to criticise them collectively. So, you know, don't make me step out of my shy faze and go ahead and ask for one. I can even mail them because I think that'd be super fun.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm glad other people are disgusted with the amount of publicity Paris's court case got. I'm even more disgusted with all the people who said terrible things about her crying. Sure, I love a little gossip (sensationalist gossip, too!) just as much as the next person, but it's frightening to see that real news, things that matter, are half as important as a mysteriously stupid and unproductive star.

And I swear that OJ Simpson is the last person I'd want to quote, but he makes a good point:

"When Paris Hilton was going to jail last week, more people knew about that than knew that we were sending people into space that day. It has replaced what is real news. There was always a place for it, but it was [gossip writer] Rona Barrett. Now it is the equivalent of Edward R. Murrow reporting it today."

Pop culture is depressing. The Gallery of the Absurd, where I got the above picture, is not. It's a site filled with tabloid-inspired pieces of art and they're all very well done and quite often hilare. Some faves (click to enlarge):

Monday, June 11, 2007

Like whitelash

A couple days ago LRMD's friend Derek got all controversial by saying that Kanye West's new demographic is "middle class white college students". Now, I definately beg to differ. Kanye West has performed at a number of "street" festivals including Coachella, which certainly lacked in middle class white college students who could afford the tickets. Also, Kanye West is a collaborator. He worked with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 a few years ago and now, now my friends, he is collaborating with John Mayer. Now go ahead and tell me that John Mayer and Maroon 5 make music for white people. Just go ahead, cause you'd be totes in the wrong.


Source: Culture Bully

Thursday, June 7, 2007


It was one of my projects for FILM 20C and its all about cats. Sorry about my mysterious blog dissapearence, hopefully once school gets out things will start to pick up agian.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Study break!

Finals are next week and I hope all of you are totally on top of it and getting some studying done early. If you're puzzled as to why the slope of the line tangent to the curve is the same thing as the area underneath the curve, I suggest you do yourself a favor and take a break with

(in 2 easy steps!)

1. Pick up the newest issue of The Fish Rap. It's the last one of the year, the funniest one of the year, and there's a super cool picture of a super cool girl wearing a powerglove in it. Also, a review of music or something dumb like that. Other highlights include the article about smoking with the 12yr old with the glass eye (I won't tell you the secret of that one) and the list of the coolest DJ names + taglines ever. Ex: DJ Tanner - Brining down the house and DJ PJ - Jammies all night. Oh yeah, and I'm in it. Did I mention that? You can pick them up pretty much anywhere on campus or at Perg's.

2. Have a dance party with some super fun new songs from groups with super cool names! (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya is highly rec'd!)

>> Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya // Tu Connais le Chanson
>> Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya // Fuck Friend
>> Best Fwends // M.Y.S.E.L.F. (Xxxchange Remix)
>> Bonde Do Role // Quero te Amar

Monday, June 4, 2007

Let your body sink into me like your favorite memory

Ready for solid beats, violins, and LA-ridden stuck in the smog in love lyrics? Her Space Holiday is a band that I've been listening to for a while now, but who still manage to capture me in surprising ways everytime I give them a new listen. Their mix of depressing low vocals, electronic beats, and lyrics written by a needy and attached boy all remind me of The Postal Service. Compensating for the amazing+ lyrics and incredible+ beats are excellent lyrics and beautiful violins which work ever-so nicely with their electromagnetic beats. Here are a few old tracks to get you (hopefully) hooked:

>> My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
>> Something to Do With My Hands
>> space

image by the ever-so lovely Jamora Crawford

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Discharge Penis

In response to Caitlin's last post here are a few videos from my MadTV days:

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ricky, I'm glad you're admitting this, but you should probably be ashamed.

My hottie friend Berkeley just posted on her el jay a compilation of a bunch of old PSAs from the 70s, including ones on wet dreams, puberty, and abortion. I loved them so much, I decided to post my faves:

On Masturbation:

On Venerial Disease:

Friday, June 1, 2007

Paging Ad Busters

Lately I've been reading a lot of Perez Hilton. Like summer-time levels of reading Perez Hilton. (Want to know what rehab center Lindsay's in, how Paris'll be treated in jail, or what's up with Tammie Lee Baker? Ask me and I'll give you the grit.) So The Queen of All Media's most recent sponsor is Svedka Vodka (also the ones promoting Lindsay Lohan's 21st bday party -ahem-) who have the most ridiculous ad campaign ever. It's based around the slogan "Blame Svedka" along with any sort of stupid act. Ex: "Shaved your head? Blame Svedka."

Well, this one is by far the most ridiculous.

Double-yoo tee effers. It's basically saying, "Don't remember the last 5,000 times you've had sex? Blame Svedka." or "Making the shittiest decisions ever? Blame Svedka. And buy Svedka. It's obviously a good idea." Good idea to draw attention to alcohol's ability to make us do the most shameful/stupid things ever instead of drawing attention to the fact that it makes you hot and a better dancer. Next it'll be, "Got pulled over with mountains of cocaine in your car? Blame Svedka."

And while their campaign does nothing to make anyone think this Vodka's a good idea, the fact that they might still host Lindsay's bday party after her DUI arrest makes me totally want to buy it. Because Lindsay's drinking it, duh. (I wish I was lying.)

Nevermind. Good music coming up soon.