Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Tonight is going to be completely awesome. Voxtrot + Sound Team + Au Revoir Simone = a whole lot of fun. Hopefully this show will bring me back from the dead within the blogging world. I sure hope so. Here is a little treat for everyone who knows nothing about nothing about Voxtrot and Au Revior Simone:
Warmest Part of the Winter - Voxtrot

Sad Song - Au Revoir Simone

2001: countdown to new obsessions!

Yesterday a girl who was very bored with her music collection stumbled into the blogosphere and found herself surround by plenty of boring and unoriginal hoohas as well as a few gems. One such gem is Moonbabies. Their lush pop has me running circles around their new album Moonbabies at the Ballroom, which seems to be able to fit any situation I'm in. They manage to create piano-driven dreamy landscapes à la Sigur Ros as well steady indie pop with a driving beat à la Stars. It's an album for sure, one that doesn't ask you to just listen to the hit tracks, but instead asks you to sit down, day dream, and hit repeat. In other words, it's definately Oink-able and not simply a Hype Machine look-up. These guys are overall beautiful and dreamy and definately belong on the Arts & Crafts label alongside Stars and Feist. I've posted the first four songs from the album, because their original arrangement is perfect, as well as a couple goodies. And if you're a visual learner, their video for "War on Sound" takes place in outer space and is really awesome.

>> 21st Century (opening track)
>> War on Sound
>> Take Me to the Ballroom
>> Don't Ya Know
>> Weekend a Go-Go
>> Over My Head (from The Orange Billboard, a previous album)

PS Countdown to the most important day of the year is over. Happy Birthday, Caitlin and thanks Dean. It's so bad.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

For Scott and Mary:

>> Feist // We're All in the Dance

Although I happen to think that everything else she does is 10x more brilliant.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dear LiLo,

Good idea to play a stripper in a movie (I Know Who Killed Me) with voice overs of the creep from SAW.

While you're looking for a new agent to get you that long-coveted Oscar, check out this cute Yacht-produced song by some girls that sound like Kheala from The Blow.

>> The World Court // Animal Oracle
>> space

Also, I am obsessed with this song because it is way Too Fun:

>> Locksley // Don't Make Me Wait
>> space

Friday, May 25, 2007

Kurt Co-Jesus?

Why this might've worked: Doc Martins last soooo long, that Kurt's even wearing them after he's dead!

Guess who's advertising company just got fired?
Also, surprise surprise, Courtney Love was not in on this. Too bad because after life + 90s fashion = cha$ching!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Is going to be suptos amounts of fun. I just burned dozens of #1 indie rock hits (according to moi, minus many, plus some) onto CD so it should be solid. Let's just hope it's quality and that I don't get over anxious. Call in to tell me I'm awesome, that I have terrible taste, or that you've been dying to talk to me for 65 million years.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Peel it off

It looks like I've fallen on just what all of us have been waiting for: a new perfect indie rock group. Peel rock the female-male vocals thing with fairly standard rock infused with Too Much Fun. It's the perfect thing for the music listener who's managed to get too far lodged in electronic blips and looking for some guitars that still know how to be soops cool.

>> Oxford *much rec'd
>> Workers Wake Up
>> In the City

Also, these super cool guys have a few other mp3s that you can stream on their website, where you can also buy their well-designed CD for only $12.

Aaaand, they're friends with The Octopus Project who are straight up quality, and whose new CD I've just discovered is really good and even better than the last. You might expect some coverage of them soon.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

He looks so happy but I bet his insides are screaming like the yellow M&M

Caitlin said that she would blog about this for awhile but it looks like I am gonna step in and steal her Canadian Gold. Islands released a new 7'' with Tomlab a while ago and it has found its way into our cybernetic steel MP3 hearts. The first track is actually a super early recording of the Islands and the second one is rad.
Flesh - Islands
Dnttakemy Wingzz Away - Islands

I also grabbed this super cool mash-up that Low B put out as Hollertronix. peep it.
The Cure vs. Snoop Dogg - Low B.

Weekly obsessions in the key of Caitlin!

You know the drill. Stuff I've been listening to that fits into no particular theme (such as my super cool, super fun Teenagers post which totally got overshadowed by Dean's prompt hotness. I'm nudging you right now, btw. Check it out). I've got some patented Caitlin-approved cuteness along with a couple amazings.

As for Amazings:
1. Cadence Weapon ft. Final Fantasy // Sharks
An example of what happens when you mix too many amazing artists. Cadence Weapon is a pretty good rapper, who performed live with Final Fantasy, who in turn sampled Andrew Bird. The result? Probably one of the best songs you will hear all week. And if you're curious, I did check out the original, studio-recorded "Sharks" and it majorly pales in comparison.

2. Mom // Green Echo
Entirely instrumental and only 2 mintues long, but pretty beautiful and shows a lot of potential for a new band of greatness.

3. Studio // No Comply
Pretty 80s New Wave that's new and catchy to boot. You'll like it.

And as for fun and cute:

4. Peel // In the City
Totally fun, standard Indie rock stuff that I love to post/play/listen to. It's catchy enough, it's got British vocals, and it's hott.

5. Lavender Diamond // Open Your Heart
Fairly cute with sweet female vocals, light giddy guitar, lotso piano, and of course, hand claps.

6. Feist // Fighting Away the Tears - Mocky Mix
Mocky has an incredible ability to make Feists songs sound entirely different and yet entirely wonderful. He's one of the few artists who really plays with songs that he mixes. This version of one of Feist's new songs is totally deconstructed into a simple beat with just hand claps and vocals and some very secondary piano/horns/etc. Pretty relaxing, and fits into the feel of Feist's "Let it Die" more than "The Reminder"

Okay, that's a lot of mp3s. I tried to seperate the stuff that you (yes you, you readers, you super cool readers who also have a blog and don't like cute stuff) would want to listen to from the stuff that, say, someone with a more fun taste might want to listen to.

Oh, and notices: Next time you're at The Del Mar Theatre, Streetlight Records, or Cafe Pergolesi, pick up the latest instalment of The Fish Rap! It's pretty funny. Also, check out the layout for our new website which should be coming up sometime next week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pocket Full of Horses

Check out the new layout and tell me what you think.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Everyone should take part in The Ephemera project. My Friend Tate is the ringleader and you can find her at Long story short just do this:
"send in your "ephemera". i'm keeping it simple and broad. stick to the definition if you wish or obscure the crap out of it. whatever. as long as it explains what ephemera means to you. examples can range from an old ticket stub to a q-tip, an instructional pamphlet to rubber bands. it could even be a letter describing your thoughts and ideas on ephemera."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Old Stuff That Was Old to Begin With

Múm just came out with a few unheard recordings of some old tracks that are just as awesome as the originals. The album is called The Peel Session and if you never heard of Múm this is a pretty great place to start. Here are my two favorite tracks:
Now There is That Fear Again - Múm
Awake On a Train - Múm

The KID SISTER EP is floating around out on the information superhighway for anyone to grab. It only consists of two songs and both of the songs have been played over and over again everywhere. BUT these tracks are the originals. Thats right, you have heard many remixes of Damn Girl but have you actually heard the real deal? I don't think so.
Damn Girl - Kid Sister
Control - Kid Sister

Found a Beirut single today: Interior of a Dutch House

I just bought Moon Pix at Metamusic yesterday and it only reminded me of how awesome Cat Power Videos are. This one is by Harmony Korine. Plenty of people hate him, I like him, eat it.

Let's have fun, Teenager style.

What's cooler than teenagers? Answer: nothing. Reasoning: (1) I'm a teenager. (2) Dean's a teenager. (3) Everything I'm about to post.

1. The Teenagers are a super hip band who have a song called "Homecoming" that I am 100% obsessed with. It features boy vs. girl vocals with corresponding lyrics. My fave part? The 1:15 mark when the girl singer describes the "totally awesome" guy with "skinny jeans" and "funky hair". There's also mentions of friend requests, spring breaks in Cancun, and hopping out of SUVs. It's not the funnest song ever music-wise but the lyrics are sure to get you hooked in that "oh my god this is so modern it speaks to me" way.

Oh To Be Seventeen! Mix
The Teenagers // Homecoming
The Teenagers // Starlett Johansson
Cut Copy // Saturdays (Reprise)
Belle & Sebastian // Expectations
Oh No Oh My // I Have No Sister
Broken Social Scene // Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
The Moldy Peaches // Anyone Else But You

Video for "Homecoming"

2. This.

3. It's probably kind of weird that I am obsessed with these, but a while back a bunch of love letters leaked that Paris Hilton wrote to Nick Carter when they were going out. It's fairly fascinating for me for a few reasons. One, Paris writes like she is 13. So when I found out she was going to jail, I was kind of sad just because I don't know how humane it is to send someone to jail who has the mind of an 8th grader. Second, I don't know anyone else in the world who can make a collaged love letter using pictures of themselves taken from tabloids. Click here to view my favorite one in all it's glory.

4. How old do you think those Mutant Ninja Turtles were? That's right. Proof that teenagers are super cool, thereby justifying this incredibly themed post.

I'm Back

I am back. Had to upgrade my mediamax account because you guys exceeded my download rate. It should hold up until we make the big switch. All of my links should be up and running but let me know if anything is wrong. I feel popular.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Just to let you faithful readers know, both mine and Dean's MediaMax accounts have recently run out of room due to our unparalleled commitment to bringing you awesome music. As a result, all of my old mp3s don't work. Dean'll be fixing his shortly, but if you'd like anything I posted that's older than a day or two, just let me know and I'll be happy to supply it.

And yes, we will be moving to a more comfortable home hopefully sometime soon.

Also, Fish Rap comes out next week so hold tight.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Naked we made it

Here's the shortest, most incomplete playlist you will ever get. Theme: Nakedness!

Stereo Total // I Am Naked
Gentleman Reg // It's Not Safe (taken from guess which soundtrack!)
The Dirty Projectors // Naked We Made It
Neutral Milk Hotel // Two-Headed Boy
Swan Lake // Are You Swimming in Her Pools?
Why? // Gemini (Birthday Song)

Note: suggestions are alright but questioning is not allowed!

Image by everyone's favorite poopoo: Daniel Rampulla

How can I repay you for saving me and my hardwood floor

The other day Daniel snuck a gem of a soundtrack into my ears. Now, I never saw Shortbus, and didn't really have a huge desire to until I heard the music that accompanies it which is, simply put, beautiful and amazing. It's just exactly what summer and spring want to hear when they hold hands. It's what you want to hear when you lay on the lawn at 4pm after an overdose of endorphins put on by a long day of running through the sprinklers and eating snowcones with your lovely.

Lee & LeBlanc // Beautiful
Azure Ray // If You Fall
Jay Brannan // Soda Shop
Scott Matthew // Surgery
Scott Matthew // Upside Down

I suggest you snatch these up quick, hold on tight, and get down to some quality alone time.

From "Beautiful":
"It's a beautiful day today
You always say you shouldn't be here
You're brush with death was far too near dear and
it left you looking pretty in an ugly sort of way
And all that can go wrong never pinned you to the ground
You cheated death, broke every bone and now you're body's on the mat.

And I can't wait to see you again"

Ohhhhh Kenadie!!!

A while back I posted a short clippit of one of my greatest obsessions to date: Primordial Dwarfs. They're tiny doll-like people who are nearly completely proportionate except for their tiny heads. Welllll, today I saw The Dark Crystal and was happy to find that Pod People look quite a bit like Primordials. So I began a YouTube search and found this little Diane Sawyer gem of a segment that concentrates on the two most attractive Primord's out there inlcuding Kenadie my gahgagh on my gaaaawwwwwd favorite. She's really cute.

Next up, it's time to brag. Since my other super cool activity is forced to be hushed on this blog, I figured it's fair enough that I let you all know that next week I'll have a fun little something in the Fish Rap. Dean more or less made the graphics while yours truly did the brainstorming and writing. I'm not sure when the papes hit the stands but next week check your fave dining hall, library, or anything else on campus that has papers for my first giggle-worthy entry. I'm pretty excited and I'd be honored if you made a big deal about it (in other words, just look at it). You can bet that primordial dwarfs and cats are mentioned in it. And speaking of cats, I found some really cute pictures doing my image searches for the Fish Rap article. Turns out if you search for "cat flying" you get lots of pictures of fat cats upside down. I like them.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Quick One

This summer is going to be awesome. why? because Chromeo and Flosstradamus are going on tour together. Can you say RAD? nope, try totally radical! Anyways were are some new tracks from LRMDs favorite Flosstradamus.
Untitled - Flosstradamus
Untitled - Flosstradamus

Caitlin introduced me to this pretty awesome DJ named Half Price yesterday with his song Bizarre Love Panties. He still has a way to go but these tracks are really neat:
Bizarre Love Panties - DJ Half Price
My Piano (ft. Busta Rhymes) -DJ Half Price

My Friend Deacon LF has a few new tracks out. Check out his space and eat this:
Improvident Avarice - Deacon LF

And this one goes out to the kids:

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Does anyone really dock anymore?

Caitlin and I have did done some talking about our blog name because we are thinking of buying a domain so we can start hosting our own stuff. Does anyone still dock? We feel as if docking is a bit out of date (it is just so winter 2007, and fuck, it's Spring 2007) and are throwing around a few names for once we make the move. Maybe something like Pocket Full of Horses. What do you think?

In other news, docking may or may not be out of style but I have a feeling that "makin' it eat it" is here to stay (see above). Everybody is doing it, you just got to look around. And you know what else is in? Amazing shows at the Rio. Caitlin already covered the CocoRosie portion of monday night and it looks like I am here to sweep up the rest.

French beat-boxing wizard TEZ took the first slice of cake before he joined CocoRosie on stage. His beats were super fresh and truly unbelievable. He even covered Prince, you know...PRINCE! it was such a treat. check it:

Next up was the one and only Busdriver. I really don't know what to say about his performance (because it was mind prodding) so I will say this: It looked like he had a huge boner but it turned out that his pants were just unbuttoned. OH and his DJ/knob turner/button pusher friend Zach was totally happy to be there. Time to chomp on this:

Imaginary Places - Busdriver
Casting Agents and Cowgirls - Busdriver

Last but not least is the CocoRosie Cover of Akon's "I wanna fuck you". It took awhile to catch on what they were playing, but once you were in the loop you would never want to leave. I cant find a Mp3 but youtube was able to pull through.

p.s. this video sucks but it has the best audio I can find. deal.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

If I was young I'd flee this town

Thanks to Josh for pointing out this video for Beirut's "Elephant Gun".

It illustrates everything my imagination's been trying to say since first hearing this song and then some.

PS: Does anyone know what's up with the mustache-no mustache irregularity?

In other news, we're all still waiting on a certain space-docking someone to give us his input on last night's show. Hmmmmm?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

All I want is to be your housewife

In other words, CocoRosie was amazing. I'm awed by their ability to perform the most bizarre hip-hop infused freak-folk with so much soul. Sister Bianca spits out beautifully rhythmed verses with an emotional intensity and sensitivity which is so hard to find in hiphop while Sierra bellows out the most serene opera-like siren-made music. Behind them were projected images of a bizarre mix of provoking images from exorcisms to My Little Ponies to scenes from White Girls and burning buildings. I heard many people after the show utter out how incredibly disturbed or frightened they were by the images because they were so intense. Occasionally, they provoked a few giggles because they were straight up strange but they more importantly worked to enhance the bizarre yet beautiful and profound music of CocoRosie. I have only one complaint from the show: the lack of building energy. Following each fun song would be another touching song, and it was back and forth like this with no real energy-building line up of, say, By Your Side to Rainbowarriors to Japan. Other than that it was simply amazing. Their renditions of such songs as Kevin Lyttle's "Turn Me On" exhibited the same "do I laugh or not" reaction. I mean, it's a funny cover, but jeebus do they do it with such conviction! "Japan" was so much fun that I wanted everyone to hold hands just like they told us to and "Terrible Angels" was so beautiful that it made me cry. Right there in the audience. I'm not one of those people, mind you, who likes to cry in public, but the song drew me so far in and the images behind them were so saturated with emotion that I could not help but be that moved. It looks like for the rest of the week I'll be avoiding my playlists full of new stuff and continue to listen to The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn on repeat. It's beautiful and amazing and I'm in love with these two girls who know how to contrast beauty with funky, frightening with touching, and silliness with the greatest spritiual maturity and insight I've seen in ages.

Let me do my best not to post the whole album, since the whole album is incredible:
>> Werewolf
>> Rainbowarriors
>> Animals
>> Japan
>> Terrible Angels

Oh, and PS why didn't they play Butterscotch? They should've known it's one of my favorites.


Turn Me On:

And this is totally unrelated, but I kind of really like Frida Hyvonen again: