Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quite simply put,

This song is kind of amazing.

John Hancock // I'm Your Man

And so are all the songs in this post from Dodge Attack (Tree Wave and Bookends slide up real close to amazing).

Image by collaging extraordinare Lauren Pham

Monday, April 23, 2007

And you thought fat cats were cute!

Pictured here is Herr Hare, a German rabbit who weighs 17lbs and is 3ft tall when he stands on his hind legs! His owner calls him a "gentle giant" and I just want to cuddle with him! I mean, look at those paws, folks. You don't see paws like that everyday!

>> The Magnetic Fields // Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits

And I swear I'll put new music on here in a few days, as soon as I do some digital stuffing things in my purse and running.

And to get all this cuteness out of the way, these videos of faux-reality show Operation Kitten Calendar are kind of moderately+ hilare.

I'm hot, you're not.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

This is why you're stupid

This first picture illustrates the one tatoo you should not get on your chest. Imagine being a girl, laying down with this super hot man, and then when he takes of his shirt what you see is a Nintendo controller coming out of his chest. All romantic prospects are promptly ended at that point and replaced with fond memories of our favorite games and then the inevitable and disappointing attempt to push those buttons. It's pretty much one of the most distracting things you can put on your chest apart from an actual Chutes and Ladders or Candyland gameboard that would work if you tried playing a quick game. I mean, sure, you guys might have fun, but I'm fairly positive it's not the kind of fun you were hoping for. Just remember, boys, that someone has to look at that tatoo and unless she happens to be totally turned on by images of video game controllers, you're kind of screwed. In the other way.

Second picture illustrates the most desperate attempt to get an exboyfriend back. I mean, it's irresistable, sure, but what happens once that console is off? There's going to be a major decision making dillema.

And this is simply illustrates why you wish you were hot:

One two three four, tell me that you love me more

So the new Feist album has finally leaked and it's pretty fantastic. The album is filled with mellow sad songs as was her previous but punctuated by some of the funnest and most upbeat cute songs she's ever made (Mushaboom the obvious exception). Plus, she's already made a couple music videos for some of the songs and Feist, my dream woman, is super cute and one of my favorite dancers around. (For proof, click here or see below vids) Oh, and tidbit of awesome information/further qualifications for being greatest woman/dancer: she used to be a super acrobatic dancer in spandex called Bitch Lap-Lap who danced onstage while Peaches performed. Also in her resume: singing for Placebo and (someone aka me aka your fave blogger's fave band) Broken Social Scene. And then she just went on to sing beautiful love songs and to make cute music videos. I hope you can see why I'm a fan. Here are a few songs, music videos, etc.

Track.//One Two Three Four
Track.//I Feel It All
Track.//My Moon, My Man

Video for "1-2-3-4". It's colorful and involves superior synchronization, which Feist is a queen of. I'll only post one vid because I have a problem with posting about 3,000 at a time, but if you want to see more (synchronization and Feist) I suggest you check out the vid for "My Moon, My Man".

Update: okay, I'll post 2 vids. Because the UK music video for Mushaboom is so super cool:

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I should have mentioned this earlier:

Scissors For Lefty, who I raved about/swooned over way back when on Danse Manatee are playing tomorrow night at the Oakes Learning Center aka where I live aka I'll be there. To summarize my review/declaration of love from the last show I saw them perform at, they're fucking hot and the lead singer will eye-sex you. Now, I know that tomorrow is every stoner's faaavorite day and I know that I'm raving about a band that is more fun than stoneyswoony, but really, you guys should go. Because honestly I'll feel really awful if nobody shows up to that show. Whoever is doing promotions for them sucks because only Oakesies know about it and only everyone else will want to go. Anyways, if tomorrow at 9pm you aren't eating Hungry Slug milkshakes while listening to mind-blowing records and discussing the future of the universe, or even better, if you decide to get drunk instead of stoned on Santa Cruz's favorite holiday, I strongly suggest you show up to this show. These guys deserve a good dance party.

Here's "Ghetto Ways" and here's their space.

Paul Reubens

(T shirt anyone?)
Anyways, This will be a quick one. Imagine Beirut smashed up with New Order. It is called The Real People and it is Zach Condon's band before Beirut. Wish I could talk more about it because this music is pretty amazing and will be played over and over again for the next few months in my room. BUT I got to run to class. here are a few tracks to float your boat:
Untitled - The Real People
Untitled - The Real People
Untitled - The Real People
Untitled - The Real People

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

Your body's gone but your ghost haunts me

Long time no post. I got a good one for all of you kids out there (this is what happens when I bring my computer to class) that starts with a M and ends with OUNT EERIE. I was at Streetlight the other day and I stumbled upon a album called "Singers" in THE MICROPHONES section. I picked it up because it has one of my favorite songs (I Cant Believe You Actually Died) on it but I had a huge surprise waiting for me. Not only was it pressed on white vinyl (my first colored vinyl) but it also came with the CD. I really like this record a lot and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Let's Get Out of the Romance - Mount Eerie
Ut Oh! It's Mourning Time Again - Mount Eerie
Do Not Be Afraid - Mount Eerie
Where Is My Tarp? - Mount Eerie
I Cut My Hands Off - Mount Eerie
So Your Big Black Cloud Will Come - Mount Eerie
Human - Mount Eerie
I'll Shut Up - Mount Eerie
I Can't Believe You Actually Died - Mount Eerie

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New thrills from old friends

Here are a few new tracks from bands that you've already heard of and already love. I like them.

Hot Chip // My Piano
LCD Soundsystem // Time To Get Away
(Sound famils? Check A-Trak's "Time to Get Yummy" from Dodge Attack)
Feist // My Moon, My Man

Also, I've chosen to believe that the Hot Chip song's lyrics are "Let's Walk It Out". And really, how could I be wrong?

Monday, April 9, 2007

I can't believe they're not fame-fame pt.2

In case any of you are getting tired of how funky Dean and I's chicken (read: music taste) is as of lates, here's something with more rock than funk. White Flight is another group that I accidentally stumbled on and then fell in love with. The 2006 release is such quality, with snazzy beats and a cray-cray hippie-looking main man that I'm shocked to find that I still haven't heard anything about them from anyone else. So, in a soon-to-be-failed attempt to turn this around, here are some White Flight tracks. A lot of them. Because this album is awesome.

Dock it:
>> Now
>> Pastora Divine
>> Solarsphere
>> The Condition
>> Obsidian

"Now" and "Pastora Divine" and "The Condition" (which boasts my favorite repeatable phrase: "I could never find a cat like that") are soops fun while "Obsidian" and "Solarsphere" and much more acoustic and beautiful. Solarsphere boasts an almost bluegrass twang with some cray-cray wailing and electric guitar in it while Obsidian swings you straight into beauty land.

Video for "Now":

Image by Agnes Montgomery, who makes amazing collages, including the awesome cover for Panda Bear's new album

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Phantom Polaroid = cheaters.

They copy our posts.


In that case, here is some music of the occasion:

Indiana Jones: Raider's March
Star Wars: Anakin vs. Obi-wan
Harry Potter: The Dark Mark

bitches wanna step.

This just in:

Bunnies are cute.


Del Mar Prom was last night. I shot about 300 polaroids. Here are the keepers:

And to make this post somewhat music related, chomp on these New Order Tracks from Pretty In Pink:
Thieves Like Us - New Order
Shellshock - New Order

Hi Iym Obsesssed like an absys

1. Primordial Dwarfism: The cutest genetic disorder to ever pop out of God's vagina creation. Basically these people grow up to look like dolls. Kennedie is my fave fave cause she's super cute:
Also, you might've seen this doll before. Actually, she's human, but look at the size of her! Destined for freak shows, destined for cuteness.

2. Nintendo.
After spring break I brought home my NES, which then threatened to take over my life because Mario Bros. is only the funnest game ever. I proceeded to listen to tons of Nintendo-ish music (Crystal Castles, Gameboy/Gamegirl, Anamanaguchi) and to go as far as to look up "Nintendo" on Google image search. If you're as nerdy as I am, you might think that everything related to classic Nintendo is cool. Well, it is. Here's a really cool Nintendo catalog circa 1990: NINTENDHOES. Also in my search, I discovered a group of people who "wire hack" old Nintendos to turn them into other things like DVD players, alarm clocks, remote controls, and mp3 players. I happen to think it's one of the coolest things evs.

3. This video of Pete Doherty playing guitar for an almost-naked Kate Moss almost captivates me more than Happy Feet walking it out. Almost. It's partly due to the fact that I am in love with any celebrity with an obvious cocaine addiction (Mary Kate & Lindsay are favvvvves) but mostly due to the fact that this song is just cute and I love Kate Moss' voice.

4. Music. I've probably played these 6 songs 100 times in the past 2 days because they are just that awesome. Download all of them and then at the club, shake your ass, at the party shake your ass, at the function shake your ass. Also, I discovered that Spank Rock + Crystal Castles = Gameboy/Gamegirl which is just awesome.
Klaxons (Crystal Castles remix) // Atlantis to Interzone
Miami Horror remix // Music Sounds Better With You
Spank Rock // Bump
A-Trak // Feeling for the Pack
A-Trak // Walk It Out remix
Klaxons // Golden Skans

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

sooo goooood

I totally forgot how great this music video is. Looks like I have no tracks for today but I do have this super neat video of Happy Feet walking it out. enjoy.