Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Explosive new dance video from T.S.I.

Click here to watch the best new thing to hit the internets. It'll blow your mind.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Pretty Songs for Airconditioned Evenings

I'm here to finally update you on my current music obsessions. There've been plenty for summer, but my main and favorite one is Rogue Wave They've just released a new album, which persuaded me to get obsessed with a bunch of songs which are, of course, not on the new album. Their songs are all totally beautiful, with a swinging feeling that pushes forward and then falls back (esp Bird on a Wire, my favorite). No matter how upbeat the songs get (which they usually don't, too much), the lead singer's voice is always, despite his best efforts, relaxed and pretty. It really does feel like airconditioning or of twinkling trees on sunny cool days.

Bird on a Wire
Lake Michigan (off of their new album "Asleep at Heaven's Gate", and totally fantastic)

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Dance Party in the Balkans

stumble stumble stumble love. Yesterday I found this awesome track from a group called Alaska in Winter with our favorite Zach Condon of Beirut performing along side. I read a few good reviews, and finally snatched up the album. The music sounds a lot like Beirut, with electronic beats underlying horns and beautiful vocals. Brandon Bethancourt, who leads the group, wrote his songs while spending a semester in a tiny cabin in Alaska. He then came back home, snatched up great performers from great bands (Beirut, duh) and recorded an album that is perfect for any Beirut fans who need something new-yet very similar. I've been listening to this album (Dance Party in the Balkans) almost nonstop since yesterday, and I can't really see myself ever wanting to stop, unless it's to protect myself from overdoing it.

From the looks of it, I think all his mp3s are being taken down from blogs, so I'll skip that part, leave you up to your own means, and redirect you to his myspace. All the songs are beautiful but "Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind" is the one performed with Zach Condon, and therefore the one you probably want to listen to first to fall in love.

And if all that wasn't totally wonderful, it turns out Alaska in Winter is performing with Beirut this fall! Which means that the epic as fuck show in SF that I'm going to is going to be 2x as amazing.

You can get an mp3 from I Guess I'm Floating, a pretty rad blog (and where I happened to get hooked), but for all else I suggest you head to your favorite pig-speak treasure chest.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

It's like a division symbol

This guy is like, the best thing to happen to the luckiest casting agent ever. While Superbad was amazingly funny (10x funnier than Flight of the Fucktards) (I didn't write that) in every single scene, McLovin totally stole the show and then some. His lisp, his awkward body type, and his one liner black-white kid lines from 1999 are just too much for someone with laughing contagiosity. I'm currently watching a pirated version online because I need to see this movie 30 more times to hear all the amazing lines.

Anyways, what I really wanted to do was show you guys my newest music obsessions, but eff that. Superbad is so supergood that my musical lovefests don't even compare. In other stupidly good movie news, Resident Evil 4: Extinction looks so effing rad.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We're Lady Tigra and Bunny and we got the Boom!

My new official favorite thing (apart from the fact that I'm going to see live one of the few musicians who makes me cry upon listening due to grandiosity) is L'Trimm, the girl group from the 80s/90s who produced your favorite "I thought that was Le Tigre even though it sounds nothing like them" song: The Cars That Go Boom (see video below). I'm totally hooked on their catchy tunes, and it turns out that The Lady Tigra, one half of L'Trimm, is coming out with a new solo album this year. I couldn't be more happy. Here's The Cars that Go Boom, a video of this awesome mural being made in LA for the new Lady Tigra album, and some really fun tracks.

And if you're interested, I'm thinking of making my -ahem- broadcasting project next year centered around this kind of Miami Bass music. I'm psyched, and I'm going to learn how to spin/scratch records for the occasion. Get pre-psyched for fun hip hop dance parties once a week.

The Lady Tigra - Bass on the Bottom
L'Trimm - Cars that Go Boom
Duchess Says - Black Flag
(not related to L'Trimm, but equally awesome)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The blast from the past

The Go! Team is back with a few freaky freaky singles off of their new album "proof of youth". What I have heard so far is pretty awesome but I am curious to how the new album will match up to the orig. I just have my fingers crossed that they will be coming back to the states again. until then, eat this:

Grip Like a Vice - The Go! Team
The Wrath of Mircie - The Go! Team
The Go! Team vs. The Game - The Hood Internet
Fake ID - The Go! Team

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just another internet phenomenon

Let's not waste our time.. I <3 Chocolate Rain. This is my favorite internet musician since Leslie Hall, and I can't lie... I was obsessed with Miss Hall.

And let's not forget this awesome remix.