Saturday, July 28, 2007

It takes 3

3 unconnected listenings or references for something to finally excite the brain. Hence inside jokes. Hence songs that you find repeatedly in your life, sometimes months or even years between each listen, and each time there's a litte more attachment and feeling in it. Hence Victoria Bergsman's voice.

The Concretes- You Can't Hurry Love

Then check out her new solo project here for an inexplicably nostalgic song. (Yes, you love her because of "Young Folks")

Plus: Enviable, adorable style from a girl who's voice would get on your nerves if it weren't for how good this song/video combo is

Fave parts: "you humiliate me in front of our friends" (fish), stop motion dino toys, toothbrushes kissing and watches spooning, "I cannot be bovered wiv this", how effing swee and fun she seems)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I know what boys want

This kinda just in: M.I.A. is gonna be playing at the Ameoba in Berkeley this saturday at 2. It is a free show to promote her new album that comes out towards the end of August. I can't seem to find any leaks on the whole album but I was able to snag the single. I hope to see all of you there because it will be one of the best free shows ever.

Boyz - M.I.A.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


When we all went to see THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW at pergolesi? I do. Remember Austin and Bryn? I do and I got proof:

I miss Santa Cruz, BUT I will be down there for a few hours this weekend. Coffee?

Some nights I swear there was magic in the air

My bff Jamora introduced me to this band called Seabear who seem to be the perfect meloncholy sweetness for train rides. I've found that my favorite feeling ever is the feeling of being by yourself on long-distance public transportation. There's something about the impermanence, the feeling of not being in one particular place, the feeling of both leaving something behind and arriving somewhere else. I like being stuck with my thoughts while listening to new music and looking out windows above a land and lives you'll never touch because you're just passing through.

Anyways, Seabear reminds me a bit of the Lovekevins or another sweet twee band who got a dose of sadness and melowed out. In fact, I'm convinced the two bands share the same lead singer, but I'm apparently really bad about finding that out for a fact. Here are a few songs, and I suggest you check out their myspace too because it turns out they're both really cute sounding and really cute looking.

>> Space
>> I Sing I Swim
>> Arms
>> Cat Piano

Saturday, July 21, 2007

pick up the slack...

I hope this fulfills your deepest desires:

Friday, July 20, 2007

101 posts oh my!

Dean, pick up the slack. I'm kind of busy finding myself at the time, but I feel terrible not contributing to my year-long favorite hobbie so I figured I'd throw something out there for [someone] to soak up. I started getting into Bat for Lashes before I left for my vacay but I'm still falling for her. She's like a new Cat Power with a sprinkle of some ghostly creep (as I like it) and awesome style. Here's something to make you pine for Halloween and bikerides through cemetaries:

Turns out we should turn this into a giant post so I don't have to do this for a long time. So maybe [probably] I have a fairly immature sense of humor and happen to find this youtube Vanessa-found clip dunked in hilarity. The babies part hurts me because babies/birth are two inexplicably hilarious things in my book.

ALLLLLSO. I might have already brought this up. But if not. Planet Hiltron beats Gallery of the Absurd any day in photoshopping miracles to satisfy the woman who has moved on from US Weekly obsessions but still needs a [less guilty] celebrity fix. This artist has a knack for finding awesomely tacky photos and pasting appropriate celeb faces on them [often onto fat bodies]. I find joy and giggles in each visit I make. Here are some classics and faves (but I suggest you take your own look and choose for yourself):

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Block Party

The Diplo/Kid Sister/A-Trak show was yesterday. To sum it up in one word the show was overwhelming, but that is a bit of an understatement. I showed up at around 3:50 and an impromptu fashion show is taking place on the main stage. Every type of hipster imaginable managed to stumble into the show and are A) smoking a short-run mainstream cigarette B) clenching onto their new Nikon D80 rig or C) looking absolutely ridiculous while smoking/taking pictures. Out of the two acts Diplo stole the stage with his baile funk mix with blue monday. A-trak was rad, but Kid sister was super rad, and thats a whole lot of rad. Overall it was well worth a 20$ magazine subscription. Here are a few new tracks that I will think you will enjoy (my mediamax account is acting up so I have to experiment with other hosting options. any recommendations?) .
Young Folks (Diplo's Drums of Death Remix) - Peter, Bjorn & John
Young Folks Pussy - Diplo
Work Is Never Over - Diplo
Stronger - Kanye West
Pro Nails - Kid Sister
Hands Up Thumbs Down - DJ Blaqstarr

Friday, July 6, 2007

Please Help

I need a fake I.D. ASAP. This is why.